I am in Estes, do I have to get it shipped to me?

Nope, you can pick it up in the store!  You just need to put all the items you want to purchase in your cart and then go to the drop down menu and choose in store pick up as opposed to UPS ground.

What is the best way to store coffee?

Keep your coffee in a cool dry place, avoiding temperature variation, direct light and moisture.

What is your darkest roast?

80517 Roast A bold, bright coffee with rich flavor and a nod to our local (and loyal!) customers.And, a 1% for the Planet Signature Coffee.

What is your lightest roast?

Long's Peak Blend  A well balanced blend of coffees from the Americas. Low acidity, smooth taste, and pleasant aroma. 

What makes Kind different from other coffees/ brands?

We are committed to roasting and serving really great coffee, which allows us to support our community, the environment, and the planet.

How does Kind roast its coffee?

We use a Sivetz gas-fired roaster. The Sivetz air roaster allows a constant flow of clean air through the beans as they roast, leaving a much "cleaner," coffee flavor. Drum roasters, more commonly used, build up more smoke inside the roasting chamber, and give you a different profile altogether.

Why are my beans sometimes shiny (oily) and sometimes dry-looking?

This is a result of the roast of the coffee. The darker the roast, the oilier the bean. 

What does Fair Trade Mean?

Fair trade for Coffee mean that everyone involved in the process of growing and harvesting the beans is treated fairly, and the farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for their coffee. Still curious and want to know more? Visit Fair Trade USA.

Why Organic coffee?


1%  For The Planet? 

Kind Coffee is an active member of the organization, 1% For the Planet.

As their MISSION STATEMENT reads "1% For The Planet is an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. Members recognize their responsibility to and dependence on a healthy environment and donate at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. The alliance aims to prove that taking environmental responsibility is good for business."

Kind Coffee has always recognized the importance of a clean and healthy environment and is proud to be a member of this wonderful organization. It allows us the flexibility of donating where we see fit while creating a branding of our product with other like-minded businesses.

Estes Give Back

Estes Give Back Business Partners pledge to give 1% of sales to Estes Valley nonprofits through donations of cash, in-kind services/merchandise and/or employee volunteer time. Through the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center, businesses can become members and give back to our community through this program. Visit their website for a list of all of the current participating businesses, and we certainly encourage you to support them, too!

Why Swiss Water processed?

Swiss Water is the only decaffeination process achieved without the use of chemicals. In fact, the only substance to touch our beloved beans is pure water. Beans are soaked in it, allowing their caffeine to be pulled out and filtered away, leaving tasty beans ready to roast. Sipping a cup of our Swiss Water decaf is the perfect way to invigorate your senses without jumpstarting your heart!

The Science of Swiss Water Proccess


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