As a small business owner, committed to building community and caring for our planet, it is important to me to choose products that promote sustainability and make a positive impact on the environment. Kind Coffee shares this commitment and makes it a reality by providing superb organic, shade grown and fairly traded coffees. Our customers delight in the "kind" coffees we serve, always roasted to perfection with delectable flavor and freshness. Aside from Kind Coffee's superior product and service, I delight most in the friendship that has developed over the many months of our working together.Thanks, Amy!

Mindy Tallent, owner The Stone Cup Café, Lyons, Colorado


Five years ago we ordered Kind Coffee for our corporate holiday gifts and client thank yous. The next year we looked for the a different gift to send out. We couldn't find anything that topped the quality (not to mention what Kind Coffee stands for), the service, and the rave reviews from our clients (who said they'd only stay on if we promised more Kind Coffee).
Now year after year Kind Coffee is the only thing we send out. Our clients expect it and it's the perfect corporate gift.

Julie Hurley Travis, owner Equation Research, Estes Park, Colorado


Contemplating promoting your business with custom labeled products? It’s easy with Kind Coffee! Here’s how one company took advantage of Kind Coffee’s unique custom label program and has prospered…. Forever Resorts operates several stores in many diverse areas of the country. We initially tried a private label program from Kind Coffee in our Colorado store. Amy made it so simple: she designed a coffee collection for us with custom artwork, custom named blends, and our store’s name and address. The completed private label packaging was extremely well done and the collection sold very well in our store. Because this Colorado coffee program was so successful and well received, we asked her to coordinate private label programs for our other store locations across the country. We are now proud to offer privately labeled Kind Coffee for fifteen stores in ten states including Colorado, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. Each store’s label is beautiful and unique to that particular area. Because the minimums for private labeling are low, we are even able to offer custom labeled coffee in our smaller stores. We have also developed private labeled Kind Coffee for special events, sales promotions, and corporate gifts. Thank you Amy and Kind Coffee for making private labeling so easy!

Lisa Duell, buyer Forever Resorts, International