Back Door Express Bar

No time to wait? No time to waste.
We recognize that sometimes you just can't wait for coffee. But we can't expect you to go without! Whether you are running late for work, headed out to beat the crowds in the Park, or just want a simple cup of coffee without the mocha-frappa-double-halfcaf-whatcha-ma-call-its.

We hear you, and this Summer we are test driving our Back Door Express Bar.

What does it offer? Quick service with full payment options.

Drip Coffee (self-serve)
Iced Tea (Sport tea)
Bottled Water (or fill your own water bottle at our self serve bottle filler)
Cold Brew on Nitro Tap (more about that soon)
Kombucha on Tap (more about that, too)
Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls from Estes Park's own Cinnamon's bakery, but only until sold out!
Trail snacks & Packaged Foods
Pounds of Kind Coffee
Retail Items & Souvenirs
Kind Coffee Gift Cards

What doesn't it offer? Specialty espresso drinks and hot food options.
The simple menu at the Back Door Express Bar is limited by design, so it ensures a quick experience when you just don't feel like waiting!

Hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 7am-11am
With a plan to expand as needed.

What do you think? We want your feedback!
Share your experience with us and our customers about our Back Door Express Bar. This venture has a lot of room to grow and we hope to learn from you what the best ways to do that might be. EMAIL US with your comments, or share your experiences on our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.