Random Cups of KINDness

  • Why is it that when organizations are asking for your sustaining memberships, they often suggest you should ditch your daily latte habit in exchange for supporting them? Don't they understand that isn't an option?!

That daily coffee stop at your favorite local coffee shop is part of what gets you out of bed in the morning, or keeps you going on those late work or study nights. 

But we know it's so much more than that! Let's be honest, stopping at KIND Coffee during the day isn't specifically convenient, but it's a reminder to you of this amazing community you live in and that you are a part of. Whether you are a die hard local or first time guest, finding a smile at the door, bumping into a friend you didn't realize would be there, or simply witnessing a meeting taking place where folks are surely "solving the world's problems..." makes it worth your time.

And now that we've been around a while, making coffee in Estes for 20 years (starting out as the Estes Park Coffee Company in 1998) we have established an awesome community of customers who are spreading kindness at our counter. Through our Random Cups of KINDness, folks generously add dollars to our communiy gift card, and at our baristas' discretion, those are "spent" when a need arises, or the moment strikes them. It is "random" as in never expected or anticipated, but intentional and thoughtful at the same time.

If you would like to participate in our Random Cups of KINDness Program, please:

  • Stop in the shop and ask to add value to our Community Card anytime.
  • Order a Gift Card online HERE and we will add that value to our Community Card.
  • Email us and we can assist you.