Colombia Org/FT 1lb
mild roast
Full-bodied coffee with nutty taste.
Item #... 900
Price: $14.95

French Roast Org/FT 1lb
dark and strong
Deep flavorful coffee, dark-roasted for an
intense French Roast taste.

Item #... 904
Price: $14.95

Guatemala Org/FT 1lb
A sweet fragrant coffee with dark flavor
and pleasant aftertaste.

Item #... 901
Price: $14.95

Nicaragua Org/FT 1lb
medium roast
Crisp taste with nutty, rich body
Item #... 903
Price: $14.95

Sumatra Org/FT 1lb
dark and heavy
Heavy bodied beans with a smooth finish! A great morning brew,
afternoon pick-me-up or addition to your favorite Porter.

Item #... 902
Price: $14.95