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What's is your lightest roast?

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Longs Peak Blend. A well-balanced blend of coffees from the Americas, this coffee brags low acidity, smooth taste and pleasant aroma.

What is your darkest roast?

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Roast 422.

Why are my beans sometimes shiny (oily) and sometimes dry-looking?

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This is a result of the roast of the coffee. The darker the roast, the oilier the bean. 

How does Kind roast its coffee?

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We use a Sivetz gas-fired roaster. The Sivetz air roaster allows a constant flow of clean air through the beans as they roast, leaving a much "cleaner," coffee flavor. Drum roasters, more commonly used, build up more smoke inside the roasting chamber, and give you a different profile altogether.

What is the best way to store coffee?

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Keep your coffee in a cool dry place, avoiding temperature variation, direct light and moisture.

Why Swiss Water Processed for your decaf coffee?

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Swiss Water is the only decaffeination process achieved without the use of chemicals. In fact, the only substance to touch our beloved beans is pure water. Beans are soaked in it, allowing their caffeine to be pulled out and filtered away, leaving tasty beans ready to roast. Sipping a cup of our Swiss Water decaf is the perfect way to invigorate your senses without jumpstarting your heart!

What does 'Fair Trade' mean?

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Fair trade for Coffee means that everyone involved in the process of growing and harvesting the beans is treated fairly, and the farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for their coffee.


How quickly will my order be shipped?

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As long as we have your coffee in stock, your order should ship within two business days. Understand that we do not ship on the weekends or holidays.

I'm in Estes. Do I have to get my order shipped to me?

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Nope, you can pick it up in the store!  Just choose "Local Pickup" at checkout.


Do you offer any gluten free food?

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Any of our bagel sandwiches or toasts can be made on a GF bagel, or you can choose a scramble (a burrito minus the tortilla) in place of a burrito. Our oatmeal is GF and we have some GF treats, such as tea breads and cookies.

Do you offer any vegetarian options?

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All of our bagel sandwiches can be made to order, and our burritos are vegetarian with the option to add meat to them. Oatmeal and smoothies are, of course, great veggie options, as well!


Can I buy gift cards online?

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You can, but the gift card you buy online can only be used for online purchases. It CANNOT be used in our coffee shop.

How can I buy a gift card to be used in store?

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If you'd like a gift card to be used in our coffee shop, please give us a call at (970)586-5206. We'll be happy to hold it for pickup or ship it to you for free.


Do you offer indoor seating?

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We currently have very limited indoor seating, offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We also offer outdoor seating for the warm, sunny days!

Do I have to wear a mask inside the shop?

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Sure do, for the safety of our team and customers. If you are unable to wear a mask, please call and place your order over the phone. We'd love to serve you!

What precautions are you taking?

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Our staff is on a mission to sanitize. We ensure every table and chair is sanitized before seating your party. We're also cleaning bathrooms, door handles and all surfaces on a regular schedule. We are checking in daily with our staff to ensure it's safe for all to work. As long as the weather allows, our doors are open for a constant air flow throughout the shop.

Can I bring in my own mug?

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Yes! In hopes of helping with all of the take-out waste, we are allowing customers to bring their own mugs to put their drinks in. We cannot bring your mug behind the bar, but we will build your drink in a mason jar and pour it into your mug.

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